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 Contractors In Toronto

Whether you're building your first or fifth home, the home building process can be difficult at times. That is why Our job is to make your's easier, with professionally trained staff and a skilled workforce you can get the job done! If it's a commercial service you're looking for, we've got informatiuon for you.

A team of professional contractors always have you in mind and will build specifically to your needs and requirements. The same goes for industrial construction as well because you are always our first and most important thought in mind. We will construct according to your needs and suitability.

In Toronto, you have access to one of the greatest work forces around.

The areas covered by this site are all of the Greater  Toronto  Area (GTA),  Mississauga,  Oakville,  Milton,  Hamilton,  Burlington,  Milton,Scarborough, etc.


Contractors in Toronto provides you with professionals who rise to the challenges associated with our diverse buildings portfolio, bringing added value to every commercial, institutional, educational and residential project. While we're better known for our larger projects, such as, sports facilities and office towers, we also excel at smaller unique projects, such as renovations, restorations and repairs. A lot of people think we only take on large projects. In fact, we've always done and will continue to do small- and medium-sized jobs as well.

Custom Building and Renovation
We specialize in custom home building and renovation of residential dwellings, from updating classic Victorians to building new steel-and-glass contemporary homes.

Site work and Landscaping
We provide superior site work, hardscaping and landscaping that add lasting beauty and value to your home. Also, please ask about our crystallizing basement damp-proofing system that turns your wet basement into usable space.

Building a Finished Basement
In many areas of the country, you'll find a basement under just about every house. Local building codes normally required that there be an open air space below a home, at least as deep as the freezing level of the soil. A concrete foundation with a crawl space works in some locales, but more common is to excavate, pour foundation walls, and build a complete basement area below the house. Unlike the rest of your home, where walls are made of wood and surrounded by air on the outside, your basement has concrete walls that are surrounded by soil and moisture outside. Since concrete is porous, water and moisture can seep through the foundation walls and lead to a damp, humid, musty basement. Depending on where you live, you can have a very dry basement, or a very wet basement that even requires a sump pump to keep water out. All these things need to be taken into consideration when you think about building a finished basement.